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It is my philosophy to provide beautiful photographs which you can treasure for a lifetime, but at an affordable price with no hidden catches. Too many times I have been caught out by 'good deals' for a photoshoot, only to end up spending thousands in order to have more than one or two images. I believe that you should be given all of the images so that YOU can make the choice over which ones to print, and how many times you wish to print them.

My prices include:
I believe that by doing my pricing like this, you are in control. You can have copies of ALL of the photos that you love, instead of making a painstaking decision over which ones to keep.

Price List

2 hour photoshoot for one child

2 1/2 hour photoshoot
for 2 - 3 children

Maternity photoshoot
(including partner)

Bump to baby photoshoots
(includes maternity, newborn
and 3 month baby photoshoots)